Brain Fog

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Clouding Of Consciousness - Differentiation
... consciousness involves a disturbance of brain arousal whereas dementia-like impairments usually do not ... medicine practitioners popularly use the term brain fog ... the phrase represents", referring to a writer describing bouts of "brain fog" after getting Lyme disease ...
Clouding Of Consciousness - Etiologies
... complex, the yeast syndrome, or candidiasis is said to cause "brain fog" ... medicine where intestinal faecal toxins from faecal stagnation poison the brain has long been said to cause clouding of consciousness ... medicine recognizes that intestinal faecal toxins can poison the brain and cause a reduced level or "clouding" of consciousness if the liver fails to detoxify it and that faecal ...

Famous quotes containing the words fog and/or brain:

    Even as fog continues to lie in the valleys, so does ancient sin cling to the low places, the depressions in the world consciousness.
    Dewitt Bodeen (1908–1988)

    Nature, we are starting to realize, is every bit as important as nurture. Genetic influences, brain chemistry, and neurological development contribute strongly to who we are as children and what we become as adults. For example, tendencies to excessive worrying or timidity, leadership qualities, risk taking, obedience to authority, all appear to have a constitutional aspect.
    Stanley Turecki (20th century)