Bow Drill

The bow drill is an ancient tool. While it was usually used to make fire, it was also used for primitive woodworking and dentistry. It consists of a bearing block or handhold, a spindle or drill, a hearth or fireboard, and a simple bow. Related drills include the pump drill and the hand drill.

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Bow Drill - Hand Drill
... The hand drill is a similar method, but uses a longer, thinner spindle and instead of a bearing block and bow combination, the downward pressure and spinning is achieved by ... move downward to the base, where the drill is pinched and the hands are brought quickly to the top one at a time ... This can be made unnecessary by cutting a nock at the top of the drill, tying a cord through this, and then putting your thumbs through loops in the cord ...
Firelighting - Methods By Historical Era - Friction
... The hand drill is suggested to be the oldest method of fire by friction, characterized by the use of a thin, straightened wooden shaft or reed to be spun with the hands, grinding within a notch against ... The bow drill uses the same principle as the hand drill (friction by rotation of wood on wood), but the spindle is shorter, wider (about the size of a human's thumb) and driven by ... With a well-built bow drill and enough practice, fire can be easily created even in wet conditions ...

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