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Reading The Cards - Method
... performing the trick, the magician secretly notes the bottom card of the deck ... Then, he puts the cards behind his back and turns the top card face up ... While showing the bottom card to the audience (and announcing its value) he notes the value of the top card which is facing him ...
Bottom Dealing
... Bottom dealing or "base dealing" is a sleight of hand technique in which the bottom card from a deck of playing cards is dealt instead of the top card ... It is used in card illusions, and as a method of card sharp ... The dealer slides the top card partially off the deck as if to deal it, while the dominant hand instead takes hold of the bottom card ...
Cheating In Poker - Skilled Methods
... A cheat may hand-muck a card or more than one card ... When a cheat is "mucking" the cheat is cleverly hiding cards in his hand, to later switch his/her hand for ... A skilled cheat can deal the second card, the bottom card, the second from bottom card, and the middle card ...

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