Bosnian Cyrillic

Bosnian Cyrillic, widely known as Bosančica is an extinct type of the Cyrillic alphabet that originated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was widely used in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the bordering areas in Croatia (Dalmatian and Dubrovnik regions). It was particularly in wide use by the Bosnian Church community. Its name in Bosnian is bosančica, bosanica or bošnjačko pismo, the latter of which can be translated as Bosnian script. Croat scholars also call it Croatian script, Croatian–Bosnian script, Bosnian–Croat Cyrillic, harvacko pismo, arvatica or Western Cyrillic. For other names of Bosnian Cyrillic, see below.

The use of Bosančica amongst Bosniaks was replaced by Arebica upon the introduction of Islam in Bosnia Eyalet, first amongst the elite, then amongst the wider public.

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