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List Of Cuban Writers
... openly gay poet, novelist, and playwright, author of Before Night Falls (Antes que anochezca) Miguel Barnet, anthropologist and testimonialist Antonio Benítez-Rojo (born 1931), author ... Alejo Carpentier (1904–1980), novelist, author of El reino de este mundo ... Carrillo (born 1960), author, professor Julián del Casal, 19th century poet Ernesto Juan Castellanos (born 1963), English translator, journalist, and author of several books ...
Anglo-African - Notables - Authors, Academics, Writers, Poets, and Journalists
... Jani Allan (born 1953), journalist Lauren Beukes (born 1976), writer and journalist William Boyd, writer Cathy Buckle, author of African Tears Guy Butler, poet (Ignatius) Roy(ston) Dunnachie ... soldier, journalist Nadine Gordimer (born 1923), novelist and writer, Nobel Prize in Literature 1991 Richard E ... Grant (born 1957), actor William Hamilton (1891–1917), poet, educated at the South African College (now University of Cape Town), where he subsequently taught English and Philosophy Glynn Isaac ...
February 13 - Births
1922) 1860 – Nienke van Hichtum, Dutch author (d. 1938) 1876 – Fritz Buelow, German-born American baseball player (d. 1949) 1881 – Eleanor Farjeon, English author (d ...
Physician Writer - 20th Century
... Kōbō Abe (1924–1993) Japanese author known for his surrealistic, Kafkaesque style Keith Ablow, New York Times best-selling author Dannie Abse (born 1923) Welsh ... Appel (born 1973), American short story writer Daniel Amen, psychiatrist, New York Times author Janet Asimov (born 1926, Janet Opal Jeppson) American science fiction author and psychoanalyst, wife ... He is also author of the cult novel, The Hospital Ship ...
February 17 - Births
1962) 1891 – Abraham Fraenkel, German-born Israeli mathematician and recipient of the Israel Prize (d. 2005) 1911 – Oskar Seidlin, Silesian-born American literary scholar (d ... bandleader and composer (d.2011) 1912 – Andre Norton, American author (d ...

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    The more gifted and talkative one’s characters are, the greater the chances of their resembling the author in tone or tint of mind.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advise.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)