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The following pictures show in how many different ways international and regional borders can be closed off, monitored, at least marked as such, or simply unremarkable.

  • Borders of the World
  • The Wagah border crossing between India and Pakistan along the Radcliffe Line.

  • Border at Tijuana, Mexico and San Ysidro, California, USA. A straight-line border surveyed when the region was thinly populated.

  • A sign showing the limitations of the Frontier Closed Area, a 28-km² area along the Hong Kong-side of the 30-km-long border between Hong Kong and mainland China.

  • The bridge over the Anarjohka in Karigasniemi, on the border of Finland with Norway

  • The border between Argentina (Puerto Iguazú) and Brazil (Foz do Iguazú) on the Iguazú River.

  • The Peace Arch at the Canada – United States border, the longest common border in the world.

  • A sign at the Polish-Czech border near the Králický Sněžník, indicating that the crossing of the border is permitted to only citizens of the European Union and of five more states. When the Schengen rules became applicable there in 2007, the sign became obsolete.

  • A typical Schengen internal border (here near Kufstein between Germany and Austria): the traffic island marks the spot where a control post once stood; it was removed in 2000.

  • Self-illuminating Border flower pot between Burghausen, Salzach in Germany and Ach in Austria.

  • A border within a closely built-up area – here near Aachen between Germany and the Netherlands: Germany starts at the red line drawn in the photo.

  • Border between the Netherlands and Belgium next to a street café. Some European borders originate from former aristocratic land ownership limits.

  • This recently-built building of the Eurode Business Centre straddles the border between the Netherlands and Germany, in Kerkrade and Herzogenrath.

  • Italy/Switzerland border stone at Passo San Giacomo. Some borders were broadly defined by treaty, and surveyors would then choose a suitable line on the ground.

  • Guadiana International Bridge in the Spain - Portugal border, created by the Treaty of Zamora in 1143. Is one of the oldest borders in the world.

  • The Treriksröset cairn located at the point where the borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet.

  • The gate that borders East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia and East Timor.

  • The marker between the United States and Canada in Waterton-Glacier National Park.

  • A road crossing the Republic of Ireland-United Kingdom border. This border is entirely open: the only indication that one is crossing into the Republic of Ireland is a speed limit sign in kilometres per hour (signs in the United Kingdom give speed limits in miles per hour).

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