Boot Drive Unit

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Volume Boot Record - Technical Details - Invocation
... The boot code in the VBR can assume that the BIOS has set up its data structures and interrupts and initialized the hardware ... it should query INT 12h for it, since other pre-boot code (such as f.e ... may be present elsewhere in memory as well (and would typically hide themselves from the boot sector by reducing the reported INT 12h memory accordingly, so that ...
Master Boot Record - Programming Considerations - MBR To VBR Interface
... following registers maintained or specifically set up CSIP = 0000h7C00h (fixed) DL = boot drive unit (see above) MS-DOS 2.0-7.0 / PC DOS 2.0-6.3 MBRs do not pass on the DL ... convention, 80h in most MBR partition tables, it won't change things unless the BIOS attempted to boot off a physical device other than the first fixed disk / removable ... why these operating systems cannot boot off a second hard disk etc ...

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