Boot Camps

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Teen Missions International - Mission Trip Age Groups & Program Focus
... The largest and most popular of these groups is the Teen Boot Camp teams ... average there can be up to 500-600 teens shared between the two Super and Early Boot Camps, which each run for two weeks (with two days of overlap) ... Preteen teams have a separate Boot Camp training schedule and also run the Obstacle Course (which is slightly modified for their smaller size) ...
Martin Anderson Case - Changes To Juvenile Justice System
... died, about 130 youths in Florida were incarcerated in state-run boot camps ... about excessive force at the Panama City boot camp ... with the state to operate the Panama City boot camp where Anderson was beaten ...
Boot Camp (correctional) - Usage Around The World - United States
... The first boot camps appeared in the states of Georgia and Oklahoma in 1983 ... Boot camps are intended to be less restrictive than prison but harsher than probation ... states participation in boot camp programs is offered to young first-time offenders in place of a prison term or probation, in some states a youth can also be sentenced to ...
Wilderness Therapy - Controversy
... Some programs which advertise as "wilderness therapy" are actually boot camps in a wilderness environment ... One of the major differences between boot camps and wilderness therapy is the underlying philosophical assumptions (wilderness therapy being driven by ... Boot camps may have no clinically trained staff working in the programs ...

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    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)