Book Club

Book club may refer to:

  • Book discussion club, a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read
  • Book sales club, a subscription-based method of selling and purchasing books

Book club may also refer to:

  • Bookclub (radio), a BBC Radio 4 programme
  • The Book Group, a British television situation comedy
  • Literature Circles, a group of students who meet in a classroom to discuss a book or books that they have read
  • The Richard & Judy Book Club, a regular chat show segment responsible for 26% of book sales in the United Kingdom in 2008
  • Text publication societies, sometimes known as book clubs in 19th-century Britain: learned societies dedicated to the publication of scholarly editions of old works of historical or literary interest

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Siam Commercial Bank - History
... SCB was founded as the “Book Club” on October 4, 1904 by His Royal Highness Prince Mahisara Rajaharudaya, a brother of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who was convinced that the time ... The name “Book Club” was chosen in an effort to keep the project sub rosa as it was something of an experiment ... After the success of the “Book Club”, King Chulalongkorn granted royal approval for it to officially operate as a commercial bank under the name “The Siam Commercial Bank” on January 30, 1907 ...
Super Why! - Plot
... the "Super Readers", sending out the call "Calling all Super Readers! To the Book Club!" The four characters, Whyatt, Pig, Red Riding Hood, and ... Once the characters are assembled, Whyatt's Book Club Mainframe, the main computer, is activated ... in a book!" Pig wonders, "Which book should we look in?" and in response, Princess Pea casts a magic spell to summon the appropriate book “ Peas and Carrots ...
The Book Club Bible
... The Book Club Bible is a non-fiction anthology of literary reviews, with a foreword by Lionel Shriver, whose novel We Need To Talk About Kevin has its own prominent entry ... Aside from providing a synopsis for each book, the text also features background information on the author, suggested comparison volumes, a detailed historical context and starting points for ... The intention of the anthology is to encourage book club members to seek out and discuss important contemporary or classical works ...
Study Jams - History
... In 1926, Scholastic published its first book, Saplings, which was a collection of selected student writings by the winners of the Scholastic Writing Awards ... So, even with the later transition into paperback books, the company continued under the name Scholastic Magazines, Inc ... After World War II, cheap paperback books became available ...
The Mother-Daughter Book Club - Plot Summary - Autumn - Megan
... friend Becca, "that she and her mother are in a book club and that she hates it," during book club, and Emma peeks at her hopefully ... Her mother tells her that starting the club will look good on her application to the colonial academy, which Megan has no interest in, because she wants to be a fashion designer ... come shopping with Becca, Ashley, and Jen and criticises the book club ...

Famous quotes containing the words club and/or book:

    I spoke at a woman’s club in Philadelphia yesterday and a young lady said to me afterwards, “Well, that sounds very nice, but don’t you think it is better to be the power behind the throne?” I answered that I had not had much experience with thrones, but a woman who has been on a throne, and who is now behind it, seems to prefer to be on the throne.
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)

    A book is a mirror: if an ape looks into it an apostle is hardly likely to look out.
    —G.C. (Georg Christoph)