Boo may refer to:

Fictional characters
  • Boo (character), a ghost character in the Mario series
  • Boo, a hamster in Megatokyo
  • Boo, a baby human girl from Monsters, Inc.
  • Boo, a hamster belonging to the Minsc in Baldur's Gate
  • Majin Buu (魔人ブウ, Majin Bū?, also translated as "Majin Boo"), a magical life form in Dragon Ball
  • Boo Radley, a character in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Boo! (comic strip), a character in the British comic The Dandy created by Andy Fanton
Film and television
  • Boo! (film), a 1932 comedy film
  • Boo! (TV series), a 2003 BBC children's television series
  • "Boo" (CSI: NY episode)
  • "Boo! (a.k.a. I'm With Her)", a 2004 episode of Frasier
  • "Boo" (Dark Angel), an episode of the television series Dark Angel
  • Boo (Aller), Spain
  • Boo de Piélagos, Piélagos, Cantabria, Spain
  • Boo de Guarnizo, El Astillero, Cantabria, Spain
  • Boo, Sweden, in Stockholm County
  • Boo, Guinea, in Nzérékoré Prefecture
  • Boo! (album), by Was (Not Was)
  • Boo! (band), a 1997–2004 and 2010–present South African band
People with surname Boo
  • Ben Boo (born 1925), American politician
  • Katherine Boo (born 1964), American journalist and McArthur Fellow
People with given name Boo
  • Boo Cook (born 1972), British comics artist
  • Boo Hewerdine (born 1961), British singer-songwriter
  • Boo McLee (born 1983), American football player
  • Boo Weekley (born 1973), American golfer
  • Boo (dog)
Other uses
  • Boo (programming language)
  •, a clothing company
  • Boötes constellation; standard abbreviation
  • Better Off Out, a political campaign
  • Boô, a Saxon cattle shed
  • "Boo", a term of endearment
  • BOO is the IATA airport code for Bodø Airport in Norway
  • BOO, and acronym for Build Own Operate, a form of infrastructure project operating concession
  • "Boo!", an exclamation depicted as being uttered by Ghosts to scare or surprise the living.
  • "Boo" pet name: term of endearment for Poonam Patel (born 1983)

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