Bollywood Film Clans - The Khan Family of Taj Muhammad Khan

The Khan Family of Taj Muhammad Khan

  • Taj Muhammad Khan-Indian Independence activist and father of Shahrukh Khan, died when Shahrukh was a child.
  • Lateef Fatima (mother of Shahrukh Khan, died in 1990)
  • Gen,. Shah Nawaz Khan, adopted the mother of Shahrukh Khan
  • Shahrukh Khan (actor, born 1965)
  • Shehnaz Khan (sister of Shahrukh)
  • Gauri Khan (Indian interior designer, married Shahrukh and became a film producer)
  • Aryan Khan Nov. 1997 (son of Khan and Gauri) Not to be confused with another Afghani actor Aryan Khan
  • Suhana Khan May 2000 (daughter of Khan and Gauri)

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