Bolle is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carl Bolle (1821-1909), German naturalist whose standard abbreviation as a botanist is "Bolle"
    • Bolle's Pigeon, named after the naturalist
  • Friedrich Franz August Albrecht Bolle (1905-1999), whose standard abbreviation as a botanist is "F.Bolle"
  • Giovanni Bolle (1853-1919), whose standard abbreviation as a botanist is "G.Bolle"
  • Pierette Cornelie Bolle (1893-1945), whose standard abbreviation as a botanist is "P.C.Bolle"
  • Eivind Bolle (1923-), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Frank Bolle (1924-), American cartoonist
  • Roberto Bolle (1975-), Italian ballet dancer

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Saint Roch - Historical Figure
... According to Bolle, Saint Roch is a hagiographical doublet of a more ancient saint, Saint Racho of Autun who died about 660 AD ... Racho was invoked for protection against storms and Bolle believes that his name was the basis of the name of this saint and of his patronage of plague-sufferers via a process of aphaeresis of the Old French word for a storm, ("tempeste") to "-peste" (plague) ...
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... Bollé is a town in the Méguet Department of Ganzourgou Province in central Burkina Faso ... The town has a population of 1,100 ...
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... In 1985 Bolle and his wife set up a barometer museum in their country house ... Their aim was to create a collection based on loans of barometers from private collectors and museums in the Netherlands ...
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... At any rate, upon completion, he was assigned to the bombing group Kagohl IV in July, 1916 ... Bolle was wounded in October, 1916 in combat with five French fighters ...
Carl Bolle
... Bolle was born at Berlin into a wealthy brewing family ... He studied medicine and natural science at Berlin and Bonn ...