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Phototypesetting - History
... The filmstrip contained two fonts (a Roman and a bold or a Roman and an italic) in one point size ... (Usually a Roman, italic, bold, and bold italic font) ...
Micro DVD - Format - Control Codes
... "Hello!" is displayed in italic ... "Hello!" is displayed in bold ... The above code will display as two lines of italic text ...
Textile (markup Language) - Formatting Help Table
... summarizes the available textile markers Textile markers Textile Visual result *bold text* bold text _italic text_ italic text *_bold italic text_* bold italic text -strikethrough text- strikethrough text *-bold ...

Famous quotes containing the word bold:

    Here’s a good world the while! Who is so gross
    That cannot see this palpable device?
    Yet who’s so bold but says he sees it not.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)