Boer Republics

The Boer Republics (sometimes also referred to as Boer states) were independent self-governed republics created by the northeastern frontier branch of the Dutch-speaking (proto Afrikaans) inhabitants of the north eastern Cape Province and their descendants (variously named Trekboers, Boers, Afrikaners and Voortrekkers) in mainly the northern and eastern parts of what is now the country of South Africa.

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Economic History Of South Africa - Boer Republics
... The Afrikaners formed two independent inland republics, the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (ZAR) and the Oranje Vrystaat (Orange Free State) ...
British Army During The Victorian Era - The Army To The End of Victoria's Reign (1868-1901) - Second Boer War
... The Second Anglo-Boer War, which broke out almost at the end of Victoria's reign, was another major milestone in the British Army's development ... The war began in 1899 after tension between the British and the two Dutch Boer republics culminated in the Boers declaring war ... Redvers Buller, one of Wolseley's most famous protégés, would soon overcome the Boers ...
Afrikaner People - History - Migrations - Boer Republics
... Zulu and the recovery of the treaty between Dingane and Retief, the Voortrekkers proclaimed the Boer state of the Natalia Republic ... in 1843, Britain annexed this territory and the Boers who were not warriors vacated ... Due to the return of British rule, Boers fled to the frontiers to the north-west of the Drakensberg mountains, and onto the highveld of the Transvaal and ...
Boer Republics - In Popular Culture
... In the novel "Crush Depth" by Joe Buff, the Boer Empire rises again to ally with Germany and become the world's worst threat since the Cold War ...
Siege Of Kimberley - Background
... to a massive influx of Uitlanders (Dutch for "foreigners") into the Boer republics of the Orange Free State and Transvaal ... soon started rising between the British Empire and the two Boer republics ... The causes of the war were complex, with contributing factors including the Boers' desire for independence, the prize of the rich gold fields, British colonial ...

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    Royalty is a government in which the attention of the nation is concentrated on one person doing interesting actions. A Republic is a government in which that attention is divided between many, who are all doing uninteresting actions. Accordingly, so long as the human heart is strong and the human reason weak, Royalty will be strong because it appeals to diffused feeling, and Republics weak because they appeal to the understanding.
    Walter Bagehot (1826–1877)