Body Temperature

  • (noun): Temperature of the body; normally 98.6 F or 37 C in humans; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health.
    Synonyms: blood heat

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Resting Potential - Equilibrium Potentials
... upon the concentrations on either side of the membrane and the temperature ... universal gas constant, equal to 8.314 joules·K−1·mol−1 T is the absolute temperature, measured in kelvins (= K = degrees Celsius + 273.15) z is the number of ... relative K+ concentration or differences in temperature ...
Therapeutic Hypothermia - History
... Most of the early research focused on the applications of deep hypothermia, defined as a body temperature between 20–25 °C (68–77 °F) ... Such an extreme drop in body temperature brings with it a whole host of side effects, which made the use of deep hypothermia impractical in most clinical situations ... of more mild forms of hypothermia, with mild hypothermia being defined as a body temperature between 32–34 °C (90–93 °F) ...
Arctic Sun Medical Device - Background
... Body temperature, which is systematically measured and reported as a vital sign, contributes to maintenance of normal physiology and affects the processes that lead ... Intentional manipulation of body temperature has emerged as a treatment strategy ... One of the most common practices of targeted temperature management is to reduce body temperature to a “mild hypothermic state” (per the AHA guidelines is 33°C (91.4°F) ...
Effects Of MDMA On The Human Body - Long-term Adverse Effects - Serotonergic Changes - Possible Neuroprotective Strategies
... These include dose, temperature, antioxidants, and SSRIs ... that environments or activities that increase the animals' body temperature increase serotonergic changes ... has not been replicated in primates, possibly because rodents are less able to regulate body temperature than primates ...
... Pyrotherapy (artificial fever, therapeutic fever) is a method of treatment by raising the body temperature or sustaining an elevated body temperature (caused by a fever) ... In general, the body temperature was maintained at 41° Celsius ...

Famous quotes containing the words temperature and/or body:

    The siren south is well enough, but New York, at the beginning of March, is a hoyden we would not care to miss—a drafty wench, her temperature up and down, full of bold promises and dust in the eye.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)

    Gin a body meet a body
    Flyin’ through the air,
    Gin a body hit a body,
    Will it fly? and where?
    James Clerk Maxwell (1831–1879)