Bobble may refer to:

  • Bobble, a portable, reusable, plastic water bottle equipped with its own filtering system.
  • Small round pieces of fabric that form on natural fabrics through use (such as cotton), formally known as a pill (textile)
  • Bobble (knitting), a form of stitching in knitting
  • Bobble hat, a knit beanie hat with a "bobble" (pom pom) at the top
  • Another name for stasis (fiction) in Vernor Vinge's Peace Authority science fiction series
  • A Bobblehead doll is an object that moves or "bobbles" its head
  • A device used for tying back hair, also known as a scrunchie

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... Puzzle Bobble 4 (also known as Bust-a-Move 4 in North America and Europe) is the third sequel to the video game Puzzle Bobble and is the final appearance of the series on the Arcade ... Building upon the success of Puzzle Bobble 3, the game adds a pulley system that requires two sets of bubbles, attached to either side of a rope hanging across two ...
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Bobble (knitting)
... In knitting, a bobble is a localized set of stitches forming a raised bump ... The basic idea of a bobble is to increase into a single stitch, knit a few short rows, then decrease back to a single stitch ... A bobble can also be a yarn Pom-pon used to decorate knitted items such as Bobble hats ...