Bob Hoffman

Robert Hoffman or Bob Hoffman may refer to:

  • Robert Hoffman (actor) (born 1980), American actor
  • Bob Hoffman (basketball), American basketball coach
  • Robert Hoffman (businessman) (1947–2006), American businessman
  • Bob Hoffman (football) (1917–2005), American football player
  • Bobby Hoffman (born 1966), martial arts fighter

Famous quotes containing the words hoffman and/or bob:

    One thing about being successful is that I stopped being afraid of dying. Once you’re a star you’re dead already. You’re embalmed.
    —Dustin Hoffman (b. 1937)

    No construction stiff working overtime takes more stress and straining than we did just to stay high.
    Gus Van Sant, U.S. screenwriter and director, and Dan Yost. Bob Hughes (Matt Dillon)