BMS is a three letter acronym that may refer to:

  • Be-Music Script, a computer file format
  • Black Mesa (video game) (formerly known as Black Mesa: Source)
  • Borane-methylsulfide
  • Bristol Motor Speedway
  • Broadmeadows railway station, Melbourne
  • Burning Monkey Solitaire, a computer game
  • Backwards music station, an unidentified radio signal.
  • The Bernie Mac Show
  • Blue Mountain State
Corporations and organisations
  • Baltimore Metro Subway
  • Baptist Missionary Society
  • Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
  • The New York Stock Exchange abbreviation for Bemis Company Inc.
  • Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, a trade union organisation in India
  • BMS Scuderia Italia, an Italian racing team
  • BMR Managed Services, a tax compliance solution provider
  • British Mycological Society
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical and health products company
  • Brotherhood of Medical Scholars, a medical fraternity in the Philippines
  • Business Model Systems, a software development firm in Melbourne Australia
Management systems
  • Battery Management System
  • Battlefield Management System
  • Beach Management System
  • Blacklist Mastering System
  • Bridge Management System
  • Building Management System
  • Burner Management System
  • Biomedical Science, or Biomedical scientist
  • Bone marrow suppression
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome, also known as glossodynia or stomodynia oral dysaesthesia
  • Bare-metal stent, a coronary stent
  • Briarcliff Middle School, a public middle school in Westchester, New York
  • Bancroft Middle School (San Leandro)
  • Bedford Modern School, a school in Bedford, UK
  • Berkeley Middle School, a middle school in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • Berlin Mathematical School
  • Bowditch Middle School, a public school in Foster City, California.
  • Byrd Middle School, a middle school in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Broadstone Middle School, a middle school in Broadstone, Poole, Dorset, England.
  • Bedford Middle School, a middle school in Westport, Connecticut.
  • Briarhill Middle School, a middle school in Highland Village, Texas
Higher Education
  • B.M.S College of Engineering, an Engineering College in Bangalore, India
  • B.M.S Institute of Technology, an Engineering College in Bangalore, India

BMS Transport

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