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List Of Houston Independent School District Schools - EE-8 Schools - Primary Schools - Traditional Primary Schools
... Louisa May Alcott Elementary School (Houston) Almeda Elementary School (Houston) Ralph Andy Anderson Elementary School (Houston) Ashford Elementary School (Houston) (Grades Pre-Kindergar ... Atherton Elementary School (Houston) By Spring 2011 Atherton and E.O ... Barrick Elementary School (Houston, opened 1949 as Alber-Canino Elementary School ) Mamie Sue Bastian Elementary School (Houston) Kate Bell Elementary School (Houston) Roy P ...
Collierville Middle School - Blue Ribbon School
... During the 1982-83 school year, Collierville Middle School was recognized with the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education ... Collierville Middle was one of the first schools to receive this award ...
List Of Schools Of The Dallas Independent School District - Elementary Schools
... ZONE LISTING PROFILE WEBSITE NOTES E L E M E N T A R Y S C H O O L S Nathan Adams Elementary School 1 ... K PK 32°55′18.39″N 96°49′44.23″W / 32.921775°N 96.82 ... Allen Elementary School 1 ... K PK 32°46′53.61″N 96°54′26.88″W / 32.7815583°N 96.9074667°W / 32.7815583 -96.9074667 Z L P opened 1954 William M ... Anderson Elementary School 1 ... K PK 32°43′19.08″N 96°39′22.03″W / 32.7219667°N 96.6561194°W / 32.7219667 -96.6561194 Z L P opened 1958 Arcadia Park Elementary School 3. 2 ...
List Of Schools Of The Dallas Independent School District - High Schools
... NOTES H I G H S C H O O L S 5A Bryan Adams High School 2,104 9. 32°49′37.57″N 96°40′48.45″W / 32.8271028°N 96.680125°W / 32.8271028 -96.680125 (Bryan Adams High School) Z L P opened ... Carter High School 1,872 9. 32°38′54.05″N 96°50′55.12″W / 32.6483472°N 96.8486444°W / 32.6483472 -96.8486444 (David W ... Carter High School) Z L P opened 1966 Moisés E ...
Chisholm Trail Middle School - Schools - Secondary Schools - Middle Schools
... Canyon Vista Middle School National Blue Ribbon School in 1990-91 and 1999-2000 Cedar Valley Middle School Chisholm Trail Middle School National Blue Ribbon School in 1992-93 Deerpark Middle ... Fulkes Middle School National Blue Ribbon School in 2001-02 Noel Grisham Middle School National Blue Ribbon School in 1994-95 Hopewell Middle School Ridgeview Middle School ... Walsh Middle School Hernandez Middle School ...

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