Blue Phase

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Blue Phase Mode LCD - First Blue Phase LC-display
... In May, 2008 Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the world's first Blue Phase LCD panel which can be operated at an unprecedented refresh rate of 240 Hz ... Samsung unveiled a 15 inch prototype model of its Blue Phase LCD panel at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2008 international Symposium, Seminar and ... Developed with a look at cost-efficiency, Samsung's Blue Phase mode does not require liquid crystal alignment layers, unlike today's most widely used TFT ...
Blue Phase Mode LCD
... A blue phase mode LCD is a liquid crystal display (LCD) technology that uses highly twisted cholesteric phases in a blue phase ...
Liquid Crystal Display - Active Matrix Technologies - Blue Phase Mode
... Blue phase mode LCDs have been shown as engineering samples early in 2008, but they are not in mass-production yet ... The physics of blue phase mode LCDs suggest that very short switching times (~1 ms) can be achieved, so time sequential color control can possibly be realized and expensive color filters would be ...

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    I have just come down from my father.
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