Block Letters

Block letters are a form of writing in which the letters are upright, separated, and usually made without serifs. In English-speaking countries children are first taught to write in block letters (also called printed letters), and later may advance to cursive (joined) writing. Other countries (Poland, Italy, etc.) focus on cursive writing from the first grade. On official forms, one is often asked to write in block capital letters. This is because cursive handwriting, and especially signatures, can be hard to read. It is often misconstrued that one must write in capital letters when writing in block letters.

In at least one court case involving patents, trademarks and registration of designs, the term "block letters" was found to include both upper and lower case. (Fossil Inc v The Fossil Group )

In typography, the term block letters is applied to crude fonts formed by cutting a material such as wood or metal without the sophistication usually associated with professional type design in typography.

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... code on the spine it is printed entirely in black, including zeros and the letter "O" in "fiction." The covers are identical in the following respects ... name, printed in an arc of white block letters around the top of the pupil, the name of the novel, printed in an arc of white block letters (save for the three "O's ... above) circles with "Only Revolutions" in black block letters forming the top of the circle and the author's name forming the bottom of the circle, with the Pantheon logo in the center ...
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... brass badge had the GRETSCH logo written in block type with an elongated letter "T" in the middle of the Gretsch name ... On the right side of the brass grommet, the word DRUMS appears in block letters ... appear in block letters ...

Famous quotes containing the words letters and/or block:

    Do not write me studied letters but ramble as you please.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    Only he who can view his own past as an abortion sprung from compulsion and need can use it to full advantage in the present. For what one has lived is at best comparable to a beautiful statue which has had all its limbs knocked off in transit, and now yields nothing but the precious block out of which the image of one’s future must be hewn.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)