Bligh may refer to:

  • William Bligh, a Vice-Admiral in the British Royal Navy famous for being Captain of HMS Bounty during a mutiny and Governor of New South Wales during the military coup in Australia (1808)
    • HMS Bligh (K-467) a Buckley class destroyer escort, named after William Bligh
    • Bligh Water, a shallow marine area (approximately 9500 km² in extent) in western Fiji, named after William Bligh
    • Bligh Reef, a reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, named after William Bligh
    • Bligh Island Marine Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, named after William Bligh
  • Richard Bligh, legal writer
  • Richard Rodney Bligh, Royal Navy admiral
  • Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland
  • George Miller Bligh, Royal Navy captain
  • Electoral district of Bligh, an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales
  • Bligh Park, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia
  • Ivo Bligh, 8th Earl of Darnley, a cricketer who captained the English cricket team in 1882/3
  • Jasmine Bligh, one of the first three BBC Television Service presenters in the 1930s
  • Bligh Place, Melbourne, a street in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Bligh Roosters, a rugby union franchise based in Tavua
  • Edward Bligh, 2nd Earl of Darnley, an English peer
  • Thomas Bligh, British general
  • Algernon Bligh, English cricketer
  • Bligh, an Australian sitcom starring members of the cast of Fast Forward

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... part in 1808 in the rebellion against Governor William Bligh ... whilst Kemp and his fellow officers wrote reporting the matter to Bligh ... Bligh reminded the officers that the court could not be constituted without Atkins' presence and that the court papers should be returned ...
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HMS Bligh (K467)
... HMS Bligh was a Buckley class Captains class frigate active during World War II ... She was named after William Bligh, commander of HMS Director at the Battle of Camperdown during the French Revolutionary War, and commander of the Bounty ... Originally destined for the US Navy, HMS Bligh was provisionally given the name USS Liddle (later this name was reassigned to DE 206) however, the delivery ...
Thomas Bligh - Career
... Bligh was born in 1685, the son of Irish politician, Thomas Bligh and his wife Elizabeth née Napier ... to get his men back onto the ships, Bligh fought a confused rearguard action, the Battle of Saint Cast suffering between 750-1000 casualties before he was finally able to re-embark his men ... Bligh was poorly treated when he returned home ...
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