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New Universe

In the Sixth Millennium, humans have come to rely so much on computers and robots that they have forgotten how to do simple math.

This allowed a very smart computer, Cyclotron X, to become so smart and powerful that it was able to create a device to make humans not only lose what little ability they had to do math, but also to forget what math even was. On the eve of what was to be the beginning of recruiting for an elite squadron of intergalactic peace keepers called the Blaster Corps, Cyclotron X took control of Earth and its two colonies on Saturn and Pluto.

In the years between this event and 8296, AIMEE, an artificial intelligence program created to work with the Blasters, has been moving through the computer network undetected, waiting for someone to accidentally stumble onto and unlock a dormant Blaster recruitment kiosk. When someone with an unnatural curiosity eventually finds it, he is instantly turned into a member of the Blaster Corps, complete with the holographic power hand and the force field which protects him from all elements, and spikes up his hair as a side effect of the energy.

On his quest to restore knowledge, Blaster journeys to three worlds to enlist help of colonial leaders who can help him defeat Cyclotron X, who is orbiting Earth, planning to increase his control.

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