Black Dragon

Black Dragon may refer to:

  • 240 mm howitzer M1, a towed howitzer used by the United States Army. Popularly nicknamed "Black Dragon".
  • Black Dragon (film), a 1975 Hong Kong film
  • Black Dragon (wrestler), a professional wrestler in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
  • Black Dragons (gang), a Chinese/American criminal organization
  • Black Dragon (Mortal Kombat), a villainous criminal organization that appears in the Mortal Kombat series
  • Black Dragon Society, a Japanese right-wing paramilitary group
  • Black dragon (Dungeons & Dragons), an evil species of dragon with an acid breathe weapon
  • Black Dragon Society (comics), a fictional version of the Black Dragon Society
  • Black Dragon Fighting Society, a martial arts organization created by Count Dante
  • Black Tiger (video game), known as Black Dragon in Japan
  • USS New Jersey (BB-62) or "Black Dragon", a U.S. Navy battleship
  • Miracles (1989 film) or Black Dragon, a film by Jackie Chan

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... Kōki Hirota member of Genyosha and Black Dragon secret societies, also Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Kaoru Ogawa another member of nationalist societies and right wing believer associated with ... Kuzuo Yoshihisa Right-wing supporter, successor of Ryohei Uchida in leading of Black Dragon Society in 1937 ... Mitsuro Toyama chief of Black Dragon Society, also founder of Kenkokukai and Roninkai secret groups ...
List Of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Characters - Kamen Riders - Kamen Rider Onyx - Onyx's Advent Deck
... Like Dragon Knight, Onyx slots his Cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Black Drag Visor ... Sword Vent Conjures a black dragon-designed broadsword ... Strike Vent Attaches a black dragon-like gauntlet on his right hand to shoot a burst of black flames assisted by Dragblacker ...
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Famous quotes containing the words dragon and/or black:

    Opinion is not worth a rush;
    In this altar-piece the knight,
    Who grips his long spear so to push
    That dragon through the fading light,
    Loved the lady; and it’s plain
    The half-dead dragon was her thought....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    there’s a kind of lust feeds on itself
    Unspoken to, unspeaking; subterranean
    As a black river full of eyeless fish
    Heavy with spawn; with a passion for time
    Longer than the arteries of a cave.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)