Bishop Stopford's School At Enfield - Houses


Each pupil and member of staff belongs to one of the six 'houses':

The Four Foundation Houses

  • The House of the Resurgent City and Cathedral Church of St. Michael and all Angels at Coventry
  • The House of Saint George the Martyr, Glorious Patron of England
  • The House of Alfred The Great, King of the West Saxons
  • The House of William Temple, Head Master, Archbishop and Servant of God

The Two New Houses

  • The House of the Holy Cross of our Saviour at Waltham
  • The House of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity

Each house has its own colour:

  • St. Georges - Red
  • Coventry - Green
  • King Alfreds - Gold
  • Temples - Turquoise
  • Waltham - Purple
  • Trinity - Royal Blue

In September 2006 the new intake, year 7, had colours added to their tie. A yellow diagonal stripe denotes their year group; below this is a stripe in the house colours (for King Alfred's this is a shade of gold). Future years will have a year colour, with their house colour below it. The new tie also features the Bishop's Crosier symbol of the school. In September 2007 the new intake, year 7, had a blue stripe added to their tie.

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