Bisexual Pornography - Sex Acts Depicted

Sex Acts Depicted

Bisexual pornography may depict any of the following, but is not limited to this list:

  • The female performer may encourage the two men to engage in sex acts together. She may do this by verbally encouraging them, or by masturbating as she watches them. In some videos, the woman may demand that her "straight" husband or boyfriend perform sex acts with the other man as "punishment" for infidelity (see Cuckold). Usually the "husband" fellates the other man, or receives anal intercourse from him.
  • The performers may create a "daisy chain," in which all three participants perform and receive oral sex simultaneously.
  • A man and woman perform vaginal sex (from behind or reverse cowgirl), while a third person performs oral sex on the woman's clitoris and/or on the man's testicles.
  • The two men may perform anal sex, with the woman masturbating or fellating the receiving man.
  • The two men may perform anal sex, with the woman receiving cunnilingus from one or both of them.
  • The two men may perform anal sex, while the bottom man has vaginal intercourse with the woman. The man in the middle is referred to with the slang term "Lucky Pierre".
  • The woman may perform anal sex on one of the men using a strap-on, while the other man receives anal from that man, or performs frot with him, or performs anal on the woman.
  • One of the men performs a ride (man on floor, woman on top) whilst the other engages in anal sex. This is known as a sandwich.
  • The female and one man perform oral sex on the other man.
  • The female may have sex with two men simultaneously.
  • Performers may participate in sexual intercourse with one another.

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