BIOS - Comparison


License Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary LGPL v3
32-bit PCI BIOS calls ? ? ? Yes
AHCI Yes Yes ? Yes
APM Yes Yes Yes Yes
BBS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boot menu Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compression Yes Yes Yes Yes
CMOS Yes Yes Yes Yes
EDD Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESCD Yes Yes ? No
Flash from ROM ? Yes ? No
Language Assembly Assembly Assembly C
LBA Yes Yes Yes Yes
MultiProcessor Specification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Option ROM Yes Yes Yes Yes
Password Yes Yes Yes No
PMM ? Yes ? Yes
Setup screen Yes Yes Yes No
SMBIOS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Splash screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB booting Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB hub ? ? ? Yes
USB keyboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB mouse Yes Yes Yes Yes

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