Bingo Voting - After The Poll

After The Poll

After the polls close all ballots are published in a sorted list (they could be published during the vote, in real-time). Also, all unused dummy votes are revealed (the commitments are "opened") and published.

The result of the election is derived from the numbers of these unused dummy votes: Since a vote for a candidate results in an unused dummy vote, a candidate's tally must equal the number of his or her unused dummy votes less the number of non-voters. The number of non-voters is the difference between the number of dummy votes originally generated for each candidate and the number of published ballots.

Finally, the correctness of the election—the fact that each cast ballot contains exactly one non-dummy vote and that every unrevealed dummy vote was used on only one ballot—is proven through zero knowledge proofs that still do not reveal who each vote was cast for. The proofs are published.

Voters can assure themselves that their vote was counted by finding their receipt in the published list of ballots. Anyone can view the published lists and proofs and verify the result.

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