Big Gold Belt

The Big Gold Belt is a historic professional wrestling championship belt that has represented multiple world championships throughout its history. It was originally designed in 1985 by silversmith Charles Crumrine and commissioned by Jim Crockett Promotions for NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. The belt has three large gold plates and was the first championship belt to feature a name plate onto which the champion's name was etched. The original belt design was known for being unbranded as it only read "World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion" and bore no initials or trademark of its owning promotion. In 2003, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) added its logo to the design for copyright purposes. Following the belt's introduction in WWE, the distinctive name plate feature of the Big Gold Belt was swiftly incorporated into the belt designs of other WWE championships.

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship - History - World Championship Wrestling
1981, he traveled to other NWA territories and defended the belt ... He would drop the belt and regain it, as the NWA board of directors decided ... On more than one occasion, Flair lost and regained the belt without the official sanctioning of the NWA ...
WCW World Heavyweight Championship - History - Big Gold Belt
... Flair's $25,000 deposit (that was left with the NWA), Flair kept the "Big Gold Belt" that had represented the NWA World Heavyweight Championship ... WCW was forced to create its own title belt (a belt owned by Dusty Rhodes from the then-defunct Florida Championship Wrestling used as the PWF Heavyweight Championship with a gold plate tacked on its ... Shortly after the Bash, an original WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt was created ...
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Big Gold Belt - History - The World Heavyweight Championship
... much disputed, and he awarded the World Heavyweight Championship, in the form of the Big Gold Belt, to Triple H ... A WWE logo was added to the belt, for copyright purposes, in March 2003 ... superstar John Cena defeating Edge at WrestleMania XXV to take the belt, and Edge regaining the title at Backlash ...
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