Bias Current

Some articles on current, bias current, currents:

Integrated Injection Logic - Operation
... ground and the base biased with a forward current ... The input is supplied to the base as either a current sink (low logic level) or as a high-z floating condition (high logic level) ... Likewise, it is either a current sink (low logic level) or a high-z floating condition (high logic level) ...
Operational Amplifier Applications - Amplifiers - Non-inverting Amplifier
... Although this circuit has a large input impedance, it suffers from error of input bias current ... The non-inverting and inverting inputs draw small leakage currents into the operational amplifier ... These input currents generate voltages that act like unmodeled input offsets ...
Phase Qubit - Nonlinear Inductor
... The current through the junction is related to this phase value by ... the minimum (small enough to maintain the junction in the zero voltage state), then the current will vary by These variations in the phase give rise to a voltage through the ac ... For zero bias current, the inductance reaches its minimum value, As the bias current increases, the inductance increases ...

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    The solar system has no anxiety about its reputation, and the credit of truth and honesty is as safe; nor have I any fear that a skeptical bias can be given by leaning hard on the sides of fate, of practical power, or of trade, which the doctrine of Faith cannot down-weigh.
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