Bev may refer to:

  • The first name Beverly or Beverley can be contracted to the more informal "Bev". Well-known Bevs include:
    • Beverley Knight, a female R&B/soul singer from the UK
    • Beverley Sisters, British vocal trio
    • Bev Bighead, a fictional frog in Rocko's Modern Life
  • Bev, US-slang use is growing in Southern states, generally implying someone is at the top of their game, or has their look together. "She was a total Bev."
  • Bevs, UK-slang for beverages, generally implying beer or other alcoholic drinks

BEV may stand for:

  • Battery electric vehicle
  • Beam's eye view
  • Black English Vernacular
  • Blacksburg Electronic Village
  • British Electric Vehicles Ltd, Southport, Lancashire - an early manufacturer of electric road and rail vehicles. Succeeded by Wingrove & Rogers Ltd, Kirkby, Liverpool.
  • Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen, the Austrian agency for national mapping and metronomy
  • Billion-electronvolt (BeV), equivalent to the SI term GeV (gigaelectronvolt)

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