Bernard Fowler - Discography - With The Rolling Stones and Their Solo Projects

With The Rolling Stones and Their Solo Projects

  • (1985) She's The Boss (Mick Jagger)
  • (1989) Steel Wheels (Rolling Stones)
  • (1991) Flashpoint (Rolling Stones)
  • (1992) Tribute to Charlie Parker With Strings (Charlie Watts)
  • (1992) Slide On This (Ronnie Wood)
  • (1992) Main Offender (Keith Richards)
  • (1993) Warm and Tender (Charlie Watts)
  • (1993) Slide On Live: Plugged In And Standing (Ronnie Wood)
  • (1993) Jump Back (Rolling Stones)
  • (1994) Voodoo Lounge (Rolling Stones)
  • (1995) Stripped (Rolling Stones)
  • (1996) Long Ago and Far Away (Charlie Watts)
  • (1997) Bridges To Babylon (Rolling Stones)
  • (1998) No Security (Rolling Stones)
  • (2000) Live and Eclectic (Ronnie Wood)
  • (2002) Forty Licks (Rolling Stones)
  • (2004) Live Licks (Rolling Stones)
  • (2005) A Bigger Bang (Rolling Stones)
  • (2005) Rarities 1971-2003 (Rolling Stones)
  • (2008) Shine a Light (Rolling Stones)
  • (2010) I Feel Like Playing (Ronnie Wood)

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