Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (known as BIOS) is an independent, non-profit marine science and education institute located in Ferry Reach, St. George's, Bermuda. The Institute, founded in 1903 as the Bermuda Biological Station, hosts a full-time faculty of oceanographers, biologists, and environmental scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, K-12 groups, and Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) groups. BIOS’s strategic mid-Atlantic Ocean location has at its doorstep a diverse marine environment, with close proximity to deep ocean as well as coral reef and near shore habitats.

Prior to 5 September 2006, BIOS was known as the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR).

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Bermuda Institute Of Ocean Sciences - Research Vessel
... Atlantic Explorer is a research vessel owned and operated by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and is supported by the National Science Foundation and BIOS ... Deploying and recovering deep ocean instrumentation moorings, conducting CTD casts, chemical sampling, and gear testing are among the number of ... Ready access of two hours or more from Bermuda to the deep ocean makes the Atlantic Explorer useful for both short and extended cruises, for repetitive sampling and time-series research, and for projects ...

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