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The terminal building will be situated between the two runways, creating a midfield airport on top of the underground train station. On opening, the terminal will be one of the most modern terminal buildings in the world. It will have an initial capacity of up to 30 million passengers, but expansion through the construction of two additional satellite terminals in parallel to the initial building are planned, with all necessary permissions from authorities already granted. Final capacity is planned at 50 million passengers.

In the first phase, the terminal has 25 jet bridges and 85 apron parking positions for aircraft of any size. The main pier is 715 m (2,346 ft) long, while the two piers to the north and the south are 350 m (1,150 ft) each. The main pier has 16 doubledecker jet bridges, one of which can handle the A380. The double decker bridges have separate arrival/departure levels. Level 1 is for Schengen passengers (gates A01-A20, B01-B20), while levels 2 (gates C01-C19, D01-D17) and Z (gates A21-22, B21) are for non-Schengen passengers and level 0 has gates for walkboarding passengers reserved for LC traffic. Level Z is an interim level with enhanced security for flights from or to Israel and the US. Four lounges will be available to passengers in the main pier. Lufthansa and Air Berlin have lounges on level 2, Air Baltic and Oneworld offer lounges on level 3.

The southern pier is reserved for Air Berlin exclusively and has 9 jet bridges for Schengen traffic (A30-A38). The north pier features a more minimalistic design with walk-boarding-gates instead of jet bridges to cater to high demand from no-frills Low-cost airlines. This pier has 15 gates (B30-B45).

The departure level (level 1) has 8 check-in clusters with 94 check-in desks (including 4 first class desks for Lufthansa) upon opening. These are complemented by additional service desks in the centre of the terminal as well as 108 self service machines. Lufthansa and Air Berlin will also have ticket desks on level 2. In 2013, two additional pavilions are scheduled to open, in order to accommodate larger scanners necessary for the lifting of an EU ban on carrying liquids, thereby providing an additional 24 check-in and 16 service desks.

The initial module of the midfield cargo facilities has a capacity of 60,000 tonnes (59,000 long tons; 66,000 short tons) of cargo per year. With the completion of all planned expansions, this can be expanded to handle up to 600,000 tonnes (590,000 long tons; 660,000 short tons) per year.

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