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Mereological Essentialism - Arguments Against - The Argument From A Paradigmatic Example
... Also, if the mereological essentialist believes in presentism, then this argument may fail to convince them ... A person who believes in presentism believes that the present is the only relevantly true world ...
Bassam Tahhan
... Tahhan believes in a rationalist approach to the Quran, which he believes means accepting "that each era, with its methods and discoveries, presents its own ... He believes that over time in the Muslim community the Sunna has "become an indispensable supplement to the Koran, to the point that it superseded the Koran." He finds this "tendency to ...
She Believes In Me - Ronan Keating Version - Track Listing
... UK CD1 "She Believes (In Me)" - 404 "Lovin' Each Day" (Live Radio 2 Session) - 333 "She Believes (In Me)" (Metro Mix) - 528 "First Time" (Live Acoustic Session) - 349 "She Believes (In ...
Samoan Assemblies Of God In New Zealand Incorporated - Beliefs - Core Beliefs - Divine Healing
... to scripture, such as James 5 and Isaiah 535, the AG believes that Christians can pray for healing ... Indeed, it believes scripture gives elders of the church the responsibility to pray "the prayer of faith" over the sick ... It believes God can and does heal, but believes that God is sovereign and that, whether one is healed or not, a person's trust must be in God ...
Society Of Justice Party - Political Ideology
... These other ideologies are right-wing since it believes in making the Cambodian people “confident in their national currency”, respecting Cambodia’s “constitution”, believes in the monarchy ... While with this political party’s left-wing ideology believes that training for occupational and employment is necessary for “both male and female Cambodians in response to the ...

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    Like Freud, Jung believes that the human mind contains archaic remnants, residues of the long history and evolution of mankind. In the unconscious, primordial “universally human images” lie dormant. Those primordial images are the most ancient, universal and “deep” thoughts of mankind. Since they embody feelings as much as thought, they are properly “thought feelings.” Where Freud postulates a mass psyche, Jung postulates a collective psyche.
    Patrick Mullahy (b. 1912)

    ‘Tis with our judgments as our watches, none
    Go just alike, yet each believes his own.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    Every man supposes himself not to be fully understood; and if there is any truth in him, if he rests at last on the divine soul, I see not how it could be otherwise. The last chamber, the last closet, he must feel was never opened; there is always a residuum unknown, unanalyzable. That is, every man believes that he has greater possibility.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)