Beginnings (Ambrose Slade Album)

Beginnings (Ambrose Slade Album)

Beginnings was the first album by the English rock group Ambrose Slade, who were later known as Slade. It was released on 9 May 1969 but failed to enter the charts. It was also released as Ballzy in the U.S. It was also re-released years later under the title Beginnings of Slade.

Beginnings was remastered in 2006 and released with their second album Play It Loud on a single CD. Bonus tracks are the singles "Wild Winds Are Blowing" and "Get Down And Get With It".

The artwork for the album featured a photo of the band on the Pouk Hill in Wolverhampton. The band didn't enjoy the photo session due to the cold weather.

The album peaked at #858 for 1969 on rateyourmusic.

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Beginnings (Ambrose Slade Album) - Personnel - Additional Credits
... Roger Wake - producer, engineer Richard Stirlin - photographer Linda Glover - artwork. ...

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