Baumann (German: builder) may refer to:

  • Baumann (surname)
  • Baumann's Cave
  • Baumann's Olive Greenbul (or Baumann's Greenbul, Latin: hyllastrephus baumanni)
  • Mount Baumann, mountain in Togo
  • Baumann skin types

Other articles related to "baumann":

August Christian Baumann
... August Christian Baumann (25 May 1770 – 3 November 1831) was a Norwegian mine superintendent and politician ... Baumann was born in Bodenseich near Lüneburg in Germany ... Baumann eventually became acquainted with Bernt Anker, who recommended the study of mining ...
List Of Aircraft (R) - R - Ruffy-Baumann
... (Ruffy, Arnell and Baumann Aviation Company) Ruffy-Baumann R.A.B.15. ...
Carl Schotten - Schotten-Baumann Reaction
... During his work at the physiological institute, Schotten, together with Eugen Baumann, discovered a method to synthesize amides from amines and acid chlorides this method is still known as the Schotten-Baumann ...
Gustave Baumann
... Gustave Baumann (June 27, 1881 – October 1971) was an American printmaker and painter, and one of the leading figures of the color woodcut revival in America ... were shown at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition where Baumann won the gold medal for color woodcut ... the previous year and its curator, Paul Water, persuaded Baumann to stay in Santa Fe ...
Steve Baumann - Executive
... Baumann has held a number of executive positions including the Vice President of Education and Programs at the Liberty Science Center and the Director of Educational Technology Programs at ... On May 11, 2007, Baumann became the President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Soccer Hall of Fame ... He is married to Karen Baumann and has two children ...