Battle of Las Mercedes

The Battle of Las Mercedes (July 29 - August 8, 1958) was the last battle of Operation Verano, the summer offensive of 1958 launched by the Batista government during the Cuban Revolution. The battle was a trap, designed by Cuban General Eulogio Cantillo to lure Fidel Castro's guerrillas into a place where they could be surrounded and destroyed. The battle ended with a cease-fire which Castro proposed and which Cantillo accepted. During the cease-fire, Castro's forces escaped back into the hills. The battle, though technically a victory for the Cuban army left the army dispirited and demoralized. Castro viewed the result as a victory and soon launched his own offensive.

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Battle Of Las Mercedes - Aftermath
... Since Castro's troops withdrew from the battle and suffered huge losses (about one quarter of his small army were killed), this should have been a defeat for Castro ... lost the will to fight and that now was the time to carry the battle to the rest of Cuba ...

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