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Mega Man Star Force - Gameplay - Battle System
... Mega Man Star Force is an action RPG much in the same vein as Battle Network ... an isometric style during field gameplay, but its battle system is three-dimensional, with the battles being viewed from behind Mega Man, and movement restricted to only left and right ... Since enemies have a much larger playing field, battle evasion seems limited, but the player is given a choice of techniques like shielding and homing attacks to keep battles balanced ...
Mega Man Battle Network Series
... The Mega Man Battle Network series is one of Capcom's Mega Man series and debuted in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance ... as Rockman EXE prior to this it was called Battle Network Rockman EXE ... There are six main Battle Network games as well as several side-story or gaiden games ...
Mega Man Star Force - Gameplay - Other Features
... Through wireless play, players can trade Battle Cards and battle each other's Mega Men ... Through use of Wi-Fi, players can use the Brother Band network (a play on broadband) to share favorite Cards, Star Force transformations, or status upgrades as ... as an AM Radio, as well as operating much like the Battle Chip Gate released for the Battle Network games ...
Chaud - Other Characters - Recurring - Other Recurring Characters
... She was a fairly minor character in the games until Battle Network 5, when she joined with Team Colonel while trying to get an interview with the team ... Kido Shūko?) - She is the operator of AquaMan (SpoutMan in all English media except Battle Network 4) who believes that she is the unluckiest girl in ... In Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, she is one of Lan's opponents in the first tournament later on, AquaMan attempts to help MegaMan fight LaserMan, but is instead ...
List Of Mega Man NT Warrior Episodes (Stream)
... In relation to the Mega Man Battle Network video games, Stream uses many prominent characters and concepts from Battle Network 5, though it still borrows ...

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