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Heritage At Risk - What Is Included?
... is 1991) Structural scheduled monuments (base year is 1999) and scheduled monuments (base year is 2009) Registered parks and gardens (base year is 2009 ... The number of additions and assets removed from the Register each year ...
Real Versus Nominal Value (economics)
... in fixed nominal money terms (that is, in units of a currency) in a given year or series of years ... (GDP), the nominal amount reflects production quantities and prices in that year, whereas real amounts in different years reflect only changes in quantities ... relative quantities over time expressed in prices of one year, called the base year (or more generally the base period) ...
Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Changes Since A Particular Base Year
... in CO2 emissions since 2000 to more than a 3% increase per year (more than 2 ppm per year) from 1.1% per year during the 1990s is attributable to the lapse of ... Using different base years for measuring emissions has an effect on estimates of national contributions to global warming ... by dividing a country's highest contribution to global warming starting from a particular base year, by that country's minimum contribution to global warming starting from a particular base year ...
Time Machine (game show) - Format #1 - Mini Games (Format #1)
... and had to pick which one was airing in a given year ... After a player chose an event the year it occurred lit up on the board, and the game continued until the player made any line ... The second format gave the player a choice between two events each time an event was chosen the year it happened was lit up on the board and a new event replaced it ...

Famous quotes containing the words year and/or base:

    A whole village-full of sensuous emotion, scattered abroad all the year long, surged here in a focus for an hour. The forty hearts of those waving couples were beating as they had not done since, twelve months before, they had come together in similar jollity. For the time Paganism was revived in their hearts, the pride of life was all in all, and they adored none other than themselves.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

    I think it is worse to be poor in mind than in purse, to be stunted and belittled in soul, made a coward, made a liar, made mean and slavish, accustomed to fawn and prevaricate, and “manage” by base arts a husband or a father,—I think this is worse than to be kicked with hobnailed shoes.
    Frances Power Cobbe (1822–1904)