• (noun): The domain of a baron.
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Baronies Created By Error
... One such error was made when the English barony of Wharton was conferred upon a claimant, believing that the barony had been created by writ of summons however, the original barony had been created by ... Similar errors were made for the Percy barony when the 7th Duke of Somerset was summoned to Parliament erroneously in 1722 as Baron Percy (in the belief that the 1299 barony had descended to his mother), and ...
Marie I De Coucy, Countess Of Soissons - Legal Disputes
... The rich barony was described as "having castles of grandeur, with its 150 towns and villages, its famous forests, fine ponds, many good vassals, much great nobility ... Marie was coerced by Louis d'Orléans into selling the barony to him in 1404 ... Her son Robert continued the litigation, but eventually, the barony of Coucy passed to the French Crown ...
Maxton, Roxburghshire - History
... George Scott, brother-German to Sir Walter Scott of Whitslaid, Selkirkshire, in the barony of Maxtoun etc ... the barony of Dolphingstoune and Falla, lands of Morebattle and Cowbog, etc ... all united into the barony of Maxtoun by Charter granted to Sir John Ker of Jedburgh, knight, and John Ker of Longnewton, his son, under the Great Seal of Scotland (of ...
Barony Of Ida
... A Barony in the south-eastern part of County Kilkenny ... lands in this area, described as Ida, Igrinn and Iberchon which later merged into the Barony of Ida ...
Moot Hill - Origins - Baronies
... A Barony was an area of land, not always contiguous, granted by the Crown to a Tenant ... court, the crime had to have been committed within the barony or concerned its people or property ... and other rules for the benefit of those living within the Barony ...

More definitions of "barony":

  • (noun): The rank or dignity or position of a baronet or baroness.
    Synonyms: baronetcy
  • (noun): The estate of a baron.