Barbary Falcon

The Barbary Falcon (Falco pelegrinoides) is a medium-sized falcon about the size of a crow. This bird of prey breeds in the Canary Islands and on the coasts of north Africa. It is mainly resident.

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Barbary Falcon - Taxonomy
... The Barbary Falcon differ in appearance from the Peregrine Falcon according to Gloger's Rule ... short, though they occupy adjacent territories, they breed at different times of year and Barbary Falcons virtually never breed with Peregrines in nature ... years ago, the 0.6-0.7% genetic distance in the Peregine-Barbary Falcon ("peregrinoid") complex suggests its current taxa evolved in the Late Pleistocene some 100,000 ...
Peregrine Falcon - Taxonomy and Systematics - Barbary Falcon
... as a distinct species, Falco pelegrinoides (Barbary Falcon), although they were included within F ... Barbary Falcons have a red neck patch but otherwise differ in appearance from the Peregrine proper merely according to Gloger's Rule, relating pigmentation to environmental humidity ... The Barbary Falcon has a peculiar way of flying, beating only the outer part of its wings like fulmars sometimes do this also occurs in the Peregrine, but less often and far ...

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