Barbarian II

Barbarian II is a 1991 fantasy action-adventure game by British publishers Psygnosis for the Atari ST and Amiga 500. You once again take on the role of simple barbarian Hegor in a quest to destroy your resilient and nefarious brother, the sorcerer Necron.

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Barbarian II: The Dungeon Of Drax - Reception
... Awards Entity Award Zzap!64 Gold Medal Barbarian II received praise for its audio, mostly for the versions on more powerful platforms ... Horgan had another grouse with the combat, moaning the loss of simplicity from the Barbarian series ... According to him, while players could enjoy the first Barbarian game without much effort, intense practise was needed to defeat the monsters in the second game ...
Barbarian II - Description
... Upon returning home at the end of Barbarian and having defeated his evil brother Necron, the High Council decreed that Hegor wasn't exactly the right person to take the reward of kingship ... a woman thief who claims she saw the barbarian seemingly defeat his brother, except after Hegor left Necron's remaining minions came along, retrieved their master's ...
Barbarian II: The Dungeon Of Drax
... Barbarian II The Dungeon of Drax is a video game first published in 1988 for various home computers ... The game is the sequel to Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior (Death Sword in North America), which was published in 1987 ... In Barbarian II, the player controls a princess or barbarian character, exploring the game world to locate and defeat an evil wizard ...

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