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Besides all the schools and colleges in Bapatla, it is very well known for Bapatla Engineering College (also called BEC); Agricultural College, Bapatla; college of Agricultural Engineering.

BEC is located 4 km South West to Bapatla on the way to Chirala and is hosting wide range of courses. This college is established in 1980 and is renowned as one of the finest engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. BEC is very well known for its excellence in procuring a major number of GATE ranks every year.

College of Agricultural Engineering(CAE), Bapatla which is located on the Bapatla-Karlapalem road, hosts various courses in the Agricultural and agricultural Engineering. This college is affiliated to Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University and is first such college in Andhra Pradesh.

Agricultural College, Bapatla is the oldest Agricultural college in Andhra Pradesh. It is established in the year 1945. For past many decades Bapatla is known because of the Agricultural College. It is situated in the middle of the town on the Suryalanka Road. The college produced a great number of scientists who worked all over India in various agriculture and allied fields. There are also a number of research institutes of the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (previously Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University) in Bapatla viz., Rice Research Unit, Cashew Research Station, Saline water research station etc. The college has a huge farm of 200 acres at the "Guntur Railway Gate". "BPT" varieties of Rice which are famous all over India for their fine grain were bred in Agricultural College, Bapatla.

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