Bank Statement

A bank statement or account statement is a summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a given period of time on a bank account held by a person or business with a financial institution.

Bank statements are typically printed on one or several pieces of paper and either mailed directly to the account holder's address, or kept at the financial institution's local branch for pick-up. Certain ATMs offer the possibility to print, at any time, a condensed version of a bank statement. In recent years there has been a shift towards paperless, electronic statements.

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Bank Statement - Electronic Statements
... With the introduction of online banking, bank statements (also known as electronic statements or e-statements) can be viewed online ... to identity theft concerns, a electronic statement may not be seen as a dangerous alternative against physical theft as it does not contain tangible personal information, and does not require extra safety measures of ... However, a electronic statement can be easier to obtain than a physical through computer fraud, data interception and/or theft of storage media ...
Antonio Palocci - Ministerial Abuse of Power
... A few days after Francenildo's deposition, his bank statement (from government-run Caixa Econômica Federal) were suddenly and mysteriously leaked to the press ... prompt explanation generally accepted, the focus of attention turned to the fact that the bank statement had been illegally revealed, in breach of Francenildo's ... part of the media compared the illegal revelation of Francenildo's bank statement to state-orchestrated harassment ...

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