Band Sergeant

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Bandmaster - British Armed Forces
... A commissioned officer who leads a band is known as the Director of Music ... British Army line infantry and cavalry regimental bands were led by Bandmasters until the reorganisation of bands and the creation of the Corps of Army Music in 1994 ... The larger corps bands, as well as those of the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry, were known as Staff Bands, and were led by a commissioned Director of Music with a ...
Band Sergeant Major
... Band Sergeant Major (BSM) is the appointment held by the senior playing musician in a British Army or Royal Marines band, who holds the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 ... The BSM also functions as the band's second senior non-commissioned officer (NCO) after the Bandmaster and has various administrative duties ... Formerly, in smaller regimental bands commanded by a Bandmaster, the BSM was the senior NCO ...

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