Banat Bulgarian Language

The Banat Bulgarian language (Banat Bulgarian: Palćena balgarsćija jázić, Banátsća balgarsćija jázić; Bulgarian: банатски български език; German: Banater Bulgarische Sprache; Hungarian: Bánsági bolgár nyelv; Romanian: Limba bulgarilor bănăţeni; Serbian: банатски бугарски језик) is the outermost dialect of the Bulgarian language with standardized writing and an old literary tradition. It is spoken by the Banat Bulgarians in the Banat region, in Romania and Serbia. Officially, it is spoken by 8,000 people (1,658 in Serbia, and 6,500 in Romania), though other estimates give numbers up to 15,000.

In 1998, Jáni Vasilčin in Dudeştii Vechi translated the New Testament into Banat Bulgarian: Svetotu Pismu Novija Zákun.

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Banat Bulgarian Language - Linguistic Features - Examples
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