Ban may refer to:

  • Ban (law), a decree that prohibits something, sometimes a form of censorship
  • The imperial ban, a form of outlawry in the medieval Holy Roman Empire
  • Herem (censure), usually translated as the Ban, a form of excommunication in Judaism
  • Herem (war or property), a command to destroy in the Hebrew Bible
  • Ban (title), a noble title which was used in south-eastern Europe (Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary)
    • Ban of Croatia
  • Ban (information), a logarithmic unit of information or weight of evidence
  • Ban (mythology), a king from Arthurian legend
  • Ban (deodorant), a brand name deodorant & antiperspirant
  • Ban (medieval), a Frankish institution
  • Ban (plural: bani), a coin, the 1/100 part of a Romanian leu or Moldovan leu
  • Muban, or Ban for short, the lowest administrative subdivision of Thailand
  • Another name for the paiban, a clapper used in Chinese music

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Famous quotes containing the word ban:

    On fields all drenched with blood he made his record in war, abstained from lawless violence when left on the plantation, and received his freedom in peace with moderation. But he holds in this Republic the position of an alien race among a people impatient of a rival. And in the eyes of some it seems that no valor redeems him, no social advancement nor individual development wipes off the ban which clings to him.
    Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825–1911)

    So in peace our tasks we ply,
    Pangur Ban, my cat, and I;
    In our arts we find our bliss,
    I have mine and he has his.
    —Unknown. Pangur Ban (l. 25–28)

    It is cruel for you to leave your daughter, so full of hope and resolve, to suffer the humiliations of disfranchisement she already feels so keenly, and which she will find more and more galling as she grows into the stronger and grander woman she is sure to be. If it were your son who for any cause was denied his right to have his opinion counted, you would compass sea and land to lift the ban from him.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)