Baling Talks

The Baling Talks were held in Malaya in 1956 in an attempt to resolve the Malayan Emergency situation. The main participants were Chin Peng, David Marshall and Tunku Abdul Rahman. The talks were unsuccessful because the surrender terms were not acceptable to the Malayan Communist Party. After the talks, Chin Peng retired to Thailand and Ah Hai replaced him as acting Secretary-General in Malaya.

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Tunku Abdul Rahman - Political Career - Baling Talks
... Further information Baling Talks Singaporean Chief Minister David Marshall asked if the MCP would lay down their arms if Malaya was granted Independence, Chin Peng refused as ... The talks failed to reach any agreement and ended at 10AM the next morning ... Following failure of the talks, Tunku decided to withdraw the offer of an amnesty on 8 February 1956, five months after if had been offered ...
Baling Talks - The Withdrawal of The Amnesty Offer
... Following the talks, the Tunku decided to withdraw the offer of an amnesty on 8 February 1956, five months after if had been offered ... I have taken." Despite the failure of the Baling talk, the MCP made further efforts to resume peace talks with the Malayan Government but to no avail ... A few weeks after the Baling talks, Tan Siew Sin received a letter from Chen Tien, requesting a resumption of peace talks and the repeal of the emergency regulations ...
Terrorism In Malaysia - History of Terrorism in Malaysia - Amnesty and Baling Talks
... See also Baling Talks On July 27, 1955, the Federation of Malaya held its first general election, which was won by the Alliance coalition ... Baling Talks was undertaken by the administration of Tunku Abdul Rahman on December 28, 1955 ... The talks collapsed without any deal sealed as the Federation delegation, led by Tunku himself and the MCP, led by its Secretary General, Ong Boon Hwa, better known as Chin Peng, refused to compromise ...

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