Badshahi Angti - Plot Outline

Plot Outline

Feluda along with Topshe and Topshe's father decide to visit their advocate uncle who stays in Lucknow. There they meet Dr Srivastav, whose home was burgled the previous night apparently to steal a precious ring gifted to him by his recently deceased friend, Pyarelal. The ring is believed to have been the Moghul Emperor, Aurangzeb's. Fearing more burglary attempts, the doctor decides to keep the ring in his friend's home. But, unfortunately, the ring is lost. Meanwhile, Feluda meets an interesting person in doctor's neighbourhood. Mr Bonobihari babu harbours ferocious and poisonous creatures like crocodile, African tiger, hyena, rattlesnake, scorpion and black widow spider in his own home. Feluda also meets Mahavir, late Pyarelal's son and a film actor who believes a foul play behind his father's death. Later, it is found that the ring was already taken by Feluda himself to keep it safe from miscreants. Banbehari was the mastermind behind burglary who earlier unsuccessfully tried to take it from Pyarelal. In one such attempt, Pyarelal died. He also tries to take it from Feluda. He traps Feluda and Topshe in a long cabin with a rattle snake for company, but Feluda with his skill, intelligence and bravery, keeps the ring safe and nabs Banbehari (also referred to as Bonobihari Babu) and his assistant, Ganesh Guha. There are many books-an entire series to choose from. They are all narrated by Topshe (Tapesh).There is no more thrilling an adventure of feluda than badshshi angti in the younger years of topshe.

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